Traditional Slots

Traditional Slots

The slot machine has been around for a long time and the idea of what constitutes traditional slots depends on who and where you are. The game with the wheel has gone through many changes through the years but certain things haven’t changed a bit. One of these important features of this popular game is the very basic concept of matching the symbols on the reels to win money. The excitement this creates makes sure that slots continue to be everyone’s favorite game. Playing traditional slots online is an experience that often surpasses the original one and this is why most players enjoy slots in Internet casinos.

The Original Slot Machine
The first slot machine to reward the gambler more than a free beer or candy was an invention by Charles Fey of San Francisco*. His slot machine came around at the end of the 19th century and is seen as the model for traditional slots. In the first traditional slots the player had to physically pull a lever to get the reels to spin. Later the winnings would be calculated in the machine and then spit out in quarters coupled with the ringing noise of the machine. The symbols on the reels were usually pictures of fruit and this is why the fruit machines of today are often referred to as traditional slots.

Symbols and Effects
The mechanical slots got worn out as people played on them. Even if the pictures on the reels were somewhat protected by the cover of the machine they would also fade in color after a while. This changed when slot machines became completely computerized and the video slot was a fact. The symbols got more creative and even the traditional slots started to look more attractive as the mechanisms of the machines were enhanced. Traditional slots didn’t have much of cool effects to talk about. This never bothered players all that much. The most central when playing on slots was, and still is, the element of luck and getting those reels to match up right.

Winning Money
When the symbols match on the reels you will win something and just how much depends on what combinations have been set to be winning combinations. Traditional slots are usually pretty plain when it comes to winning combos. They don’t have extra features such as wilds and scatters but this doesn’t mean that they can’t produce nice amounts of cash. When a traditional slot machine would spit out a cup full of quarters it could add up to many hundreds of dollars. Today such a machine can give you much more through progressive jackpots.

Traditional Slots Online
If one looks at the slots online it could be discussed what constitutes a traditional slot machine. Most players enjoy the machines with 5 reels but the original 3 reel slot is still very popular and might be viewed as the most traditional. As the development of new innovative slots continues it could be argued that a traditional slot machine online has 5 reels, at least one bonus game and is connected to a progressive jackpot.

*Note; Online Gambling is illegal in the US.