Price is Right Bingo

Price is Right Bingo

Price is right bingo is one of the newer shapes of this classical game in online casinos. This game is special in that it brings together the fun of playing with the fun of winning in a unique way. When you play price is right bingo you get much more gaming than you would during the same time in a regular game. Bingo is no longer exclusively a game for old ladies and this type of bingo makes sure that anyone can enjoy the game.

Bingo and the Game Show
The original game show called the Price is Right let the contestants guess the prize on different products. The one that got it right or guessed the best won the product. In price is right bingo you don’t need to guess on prices. The layout and graphics are taken from the game show but in order to win the special hard ware prizes you need to win in the extra games that accompany the regular bingo game. This is very easy and adds a certain excitement to the games which is shared by all in the chat room.

Bonus Games
Through the bonus games you could win such an amazing prize as a brand new car. Depending on when and where you play you will have different products offered as prizes for the bonus games. Another fun feature of these games is that you could get your winnings doubled or even tripled! If you usually enjoy the chat games in bingo chat rooms you must check price is right bingo out. The idea is pretty much the same. You get the extra games which broadens the gaming experience. The difference lies in the value of what you can win. Just make sure that you understand how the bonus games work before you start playing so that you won’t lose due to misunderstandings of simple rules.

Cool Prizes
To some, cash is the most important but there is something charming about winning special prizes. Back in the days it was common that the local bingo hall offered a coffee pot or something similar as a bonus. Price is right bingo offers so much more than a coffee pot. Imagine winning a car just by having fun with bingo games! Most will also agree that it is cool to win things like DVD players and other important household machines. The prizes will not only bring extra spice to the gaming but also leave you with good memories of your bingo games.

For all Ages
The beauty of bingo online is that it reaches just about anyone and anywhere. People who would never dream of visiting a local bingo hall are suddenly glued to their computers for just one more round of price is right bingo. They have good reason for it. The prizes and the format fit all kinds of players and this is an excellent way to bring the original family feeling back to the game. In the chat room people from different countries and of different backgrounds can meet and cheer each other on while trying to win the cool prizes.