7 Reel Slots

7 Reel Slots

The development of online games has given all slots fans machines that are both much more fun to play and more lucrative. The 7 reel slots can be real winning machines but most of all they are very entertaining. If you find the 5 reel slot a bit confusing the 7 reel slots are not for you. Like all other slots the 7 reel slots rely on good themes and high payouts to attract many players but not everyone like to have so many symbols to deal with. If you are a high roller slots gambler it could be a wise move to play on a 7 reel slot machine.

How to Play 7 Reels
When you play with 7 reels you have so many options for winning combinations. You need to check carefully to know just what will make you win. No matter what type of slot machine you are planning to play on it is a great idea to start by trying it for free. In the free version you can stop and quickly check the description of the machine to understand what your options are. To get started you choose your bet and spin the reels. This is simple enough but it makes sense to try it for free a few times before you mix in the real money.

Many Pay-lines
As if 7 reel slots aren’t complicated enough with all of the symbols to keep an eye of you can also find these slots with many pay-lines. The 7 reel slots that come with a progressive jackpot usually demand that you hit a seven in a row in at least 3 pay-lines. This could be a very difficult task but that is also why progressive slots are so exciting to play on. Don’t stare yourself blind on the amount of pay-lines. You could win good sized amounts on a regular 7 reel slot machine as well.

High Roller Games
Some 7 reel slots are very suitable for high roller players. There are 7 reel slots that will let you bet around $100 which is a lot of money if you consider that $0.02 is a standard slot bet. Should you manage to hit a winning combination with this type of slot bet you will get a very healthy and happy bankroll. If you like to play with the big bets you need to act responsibly. It is easy to lose track of reality when you play 7 reel slots and therefore you should make sure not to bet more than what your initial bankroll can handle.

Good Graphics
Since you will have to keep track of so many reels you will appreciate good graphics. The best casino software producers do deliver crisp slot machines but it helps to read reviews and check out free versions before you risk your money on a 7 reel slot. It is also nice when the symbols on the reels are entertaining and pleasing to the eye. With good graphics you’ll have a more complete gaming experience playing on 7 reel slots.