75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo

To the Canadian player, 75 ball bingo is the real bingo. There are also many other places in the world where this is considered the classical bingo game. The layout of the 75 ball bingo card makes it possible to play with many different kinds of patterns. When you play this game you should remember to get to know your opponents and make them your friends in the chat room. When you score the game and the money it becomes extra nice when the other players give you a good word.

How to Play
The 75 ball bingo game is very easy to play. You buy a card which has 25 squares split on 5 rows and 5 columns. On top of the card you have the word B-I-N-G-O and the numbers below are connected to the letter in the word above. In the original game you need to make a row of five in any direction. As the numbers are being called you cross off the ones on your card and hopefully you complete the pattern first of all and win the game and the prize money.

Special Patterns
With the 25 squares you can make many more patterns than the customary lines. This is becoming more and more popular in bingo rooms online and you can easily find games with funny patterns that make out animals or special pictures. You could also play a game where the object is to daub every single number on the card. Sometimes the bingo games come with twists. Numbers that are called could very well be on your card but they won’t complete the pattern therefore you should not cross the off. The more complicated games and patterns are for those that like to put all of their focus on one game at a time.

Get Social
Part of good bingo is the interaction between the players. Even if you are direct opponents it is important to get along well and keep a nice atmosphere to play in. While you are playing 75 ball bingo you can talk directly with your opponents in the chat room. The chat doesn’t have to be about the game you are playing. In fact, it is very common that chat room talk is about things that have nothing to do with bingo. It all depends on who is playing and what their specific interest are and it sure puts some extra spice to the bingo gaming.

Win a Lot of Money
If you love 75 ball bingo and you want to make as much money as possible while enjoying yourself you should look into games with jackpots. There are new tournaments starting up very day at every hour and depending on the amount of participants the prize sums can reach big amounts of money. You could also play 75 ball bingo with a progressive jackpot. Depending on the pattern you play with this type of game usually requires that you manage to complete the most complicated pattern the fastest.