Rummy History

Rummy History

Rummy has a disputed history that ranges from theories based in different countries from Spain to China.

Overview of Rummy

Rummy is a popular pursuit that is played in different versions in many places around the world. This is a card game involving the elements of discarding and drawing. There appear to be several different theories and beliefs regarding the origins of rummy. Many countries and areas have been named when looking into the issue of the history of the game of rummy. Such places include China, Japan, Mexico and Spain. Being so far apart, it seems unlikely that rummy was created in all of these places, however, it could be that the real history of rummy lies in a pursuit that evolved out of elements of different games from various places.

Rummy and its Possible Spanish Roots

A popular belief concerning the history of rummy is that this game originated in Spain. The rummy pursuit seems to be strongly related to an old Spanish card game by the name of Conquian. This game Conquian is very similar to a very popular form of rummy that is gin rummy. It is believed that the Conquian game was then brought into South America by immigrants from Spain in the late 19th century. Some believe that this same pursuit actually began in Mexico and then made its way to Spain.

Mahjong and Rummy

Some believe that rummy has its origins in the old and popular Chinese pursuit mahjong. It should be noted that the mahjong card game does have a draw and discard element that is similar to the game of rummy.

Poker Notion

In addition, it should be noted that there are other beliefs that look closely into the game of poker when discussing the history of rummy. This theory suggests that rummy developed out of a poker version called ‘whiskey poker’ that then turned into ‘rum poker’ that eventually became rummy.

Online Rummy

Thanks to technological development, the creation of the Internet and the success of online gaming, rummy has also become an appealing form of entertainment via the Internet. Online rummy seems to be gaining in popularity and attracting more new players to the game. This chapter in the game of rummy’s history presents players with the convenience and comfort of enjoying the game from home while still being able to play for real money.

In summary, it is very difficult to determine the real ancestors of rummy although, perhaps it should be noted that the Conquian theory is a very popular belief. However, there are many varied beliefs and theories in this regard and the researcher questioning the subject of rummy history is often left without a clear answer.

Whatever the exact history of rummy may be, it appears to be fairly evident that it has been enjoyed for many years and that online versions of the game have presented it with a new appeal. With its introduction to the best online casinos, perhaps rummy has become exposed to a whole new audience. Whatever its past is, the future for the rummy game looks quite rosy.