Baccarat History

Baccarat History

From the focus of a medieval myth to fame in James Bond feature films, the game of baccarat has a rich and colorful history.

Medieval Baccarat Roots

Although, as is the case with many casino games, the actual roots and history of baccarat is rather unclear, it is generally believed that this is a very old game and may have been created in medieval times. Perhaps the most interesting information surrounding the issue of baccarat history can be found an ancient myth. It is told that baccarat may have developed from an Etruscan ritual that in some ways was rather like a game. The tale goes that a dice with nine sides was thrown by a blond virgin and her fate depended on the result of the game. If the dice throw resulted in an eight or a nine, then the virgin would become a priestess. Should the dice throw result in a six or a seven, then she would be banned from any future religious ceremonies. In the drastic event that the results of the dice throw would reveal a number up to five, she would have to walk into the sea.

History of Baccarat in Europe

There appears to be some discrepancy as to where the baccarat roots lie in Europe. There are those that believe that the origins of baccarat are in the French game of ‘baccarat de banque’ which then developed into the popular ‘chemin de fer’. However, others maintain that baccarat was initiated in Italy where the word ‘baccara’ means zero. This could refer to the importance of the zero value in this game that is applied to tens and face cards. This theory leads to the suggestion that baccarat evolved from a pursuit involving Tarot cards in 15th century Italy.

Following the success of baccarat among the nobility and high society in France, this pursuit spread to England where it also became popular.

History of Baccarat in the US

Baccarat found its way into the United States in the 20th century. The game remained a pursuit for the high society or the wealthy. This game’s attractiveness and status in society can be demonstrated by the way in which the baccarat game has been reflected on film. Baccarat and James Bond seem to go hand in hand. (Note; Online Gambling is illegal in the US)

Online Baccarat History

For the majority of baccarat’s journey through to modern times, this pursuit was mainly regarded as a game for the aristocracy. However the introduction of online casinos in the mid 1990s changed that part of baccarat history for the future. The introduction of baccarat to the online gaming scene made baccarat a much more accessible and convenient form of entertainment and also means that anyone who chooses could play.

In the modern version of baccarat that can be located at many online casino locations, players may rest assured that tales of virgins being forced into the sea remain a thing of the past and an amazing legend connected to the history of baccarat.