3 Reel Slots

3 Reel Slots

A slot called a 3 reel slot is really not all that different from other slot machines. The name informs you of the amount of reels, 3, but all other features are individual and can be very similar to what you would find on a slot with more reels. To choose the right 3 reel slot for you it is wise to consider a few important things. Is the slot machine tied to a progressive jackpot? Do you like the theme of the machine? Will playing on this specific slot give you maximum playing time? To answer these questions you should read on and think about these important features of the 3 reel slot.

How it Works
To play on a 3 reel slot machine is very simple. You set the amount of your bet and then the reels will start to spin. The bet is usually displayed in coins and you have to check how much each coin is worth. It is common that 10 coins equal $10 so the lowest bet $0.02 means 20 cent. You can really get a lot of slots gaming for a very little bet and this is part of the greatness of 3 reel slots. If you like many chances to win you should look for a slot with multiple pay lines.

Winning Combinations
Some winning combinations are easy to figure out. When you play a classical 3 reel fruit slot you can guess that three cherries in a row will give you some sort of prize. It is not only the same symbol in a row that will let you win money. Many times it is enough to get a pair and when you play with wilds and scatters it starts to get very interesting. The wild could let you win without a complete row of symbols or take you to a bonus round where you get more spins and chances to win.

Symbols and Effects
The 3 reel slot machine can seem a bit dull compared to the other versions with more reels busy spinning. This is far away from the truth. A 3 reel slot can be very exciting if it comes with the right effects and cool symbols. It is wise to pick a slot machine with a theme that you like. Winning is so much more fun when the symbols on the reels are appealing to the eyes. Don’t forget about the effects. Sounds to match the action makes the game entertaining and keep you alert to know fast when you are winning.

Bonus Rounds
If you want the maximum amount of time on a 3 reel slot you should play one with bonus rounds. Bonus rounds let you enjoy more spins and they also give you the opportunity to win more. In some bonus games you will find a multiplier which will multiply your final winning several times. The bonus round could also be a different kind of game where you simply search for the greatest prizes in a maze or by flipping symbols by chance.