80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo has been introduced to fill in the gap between 75 and 90 ball bingo. To some 75 balls aren’t enough and others feel that 90 is simply too much. 80 ball bingo solves this problem and delivers special excitement that is unique for this version of bingo. Like the other variants of bingo games you can play this one for free or for money. When you mix in the real money you have the chance to win big jackpots which could give your bingo gaming a golden feeling.

How to Play
The first thing you need to do when you want to play 80 ball bingo is to purchase the bingo cards. You will get a few options for cards and you click on the ones that you’d like to buy. These are then lit up and you can begin the bingo game. As the caller announces the numbers drawn you can either daub your card manually or let the computer do it for you. Once you have completed the pattern that the specific game requires you have a bingo and you win. Even if you choose to play somewhat manual you can rely on the computer to keep track of the game so that you will never miss a game won due to a side game or fun chat in the chat room.

The Bingo Cards
The bingo cards for 80 ball bingo look slightly different from the regular cards. Each card has four rows and four columns and every column is marked by a specific color. The cards work a bit like shutter boards so instead of the usual daubing the shutters slide over the numbers as they are marked off. This makes the gaming feel a bit different all though it is the very classical type of bingo that you are playing.

Bingo Patterns
In 80 ball bingo 4 is the magic number. You can play all sorts of variants where this is the number of squares you have to get crossed out. The basic combinations are the lines, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. There are also more creative choices where you could be asked to complete the four corners or the entire card. Bingo patterns for 80 ball bingo can get very creative and it is recommended to try the game for free when you want to know which one that suits your personality and player style the best.

Jackpots and Promotions
A nice side to 80 ball bingo is that you can win a lot of money on it. For the best jackpots you should participate in the tournaments that are available around the clock in different bingo rooms. Make sure to play when there are a lot of players active. This gives you the best prizes but also a nicer environment to play in. When you join a new bingo room you should make sure that you get good promotions both as a newcomer and when you stay around. Nice bonuses can give you more bingo games which in the long run could bring you more winnings.