Video Slots

Video Slots

Any good online casino should have at least a few video slots. The video slot was originally the more computerized slot machine that you would find in a land based casino. As slots became the rave online, the name stayed with the game although one could hardly call this a video game anymore. Some video slots keep the graphical layout of the land based version but the online games have far more advanced features which make them a true treat for any player.

How to Play
To play a video slot game you need to know how it works and what is included in the machine. To start the reels up you only need to set your bet and press the start button but the richer version can have many extras after this. With bonus games you might enter a new screen after getting a certain combination. Some bonus games are completely automatic and you will just sit back and watch as luck determines if the bonus round will win you extra money. Other bonus games demands from the player to participate by pressing the start button again or clicking on individual symbols on the screen. To know exactly how to play the game it is well worth it to read through the instructions before playing with real money.

The Odds
Every video slot come with different odds and you will notice that the winning combinations have different levels frequency. The combinations of symbols which will give you high payouts show up with bigger intervals while the smaller wins come much more often. The symbols on the reels are spread according to their values in combination with each other. If you are looking to win a big jackpot you will have to make the highest bet and hit the hardest combination of symbols. The odds for becoming a millionaire on video slots are small but the odds for having fun are pretty much guaranteed to be on your side!

Are They Fair?
Just because you can make very small bets on video slots it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to worry about the fairness. There have been less honest casinos online and any smart player need to check out that this isn’t the case before he starts playing. The results of the video slots should be governed by random number generators (RNG). The RNG should also be tested by an independent organization. If you want fair video slots you should look for signs and symbols of independent testing on the casino web site.

Graphics and Sounds
Video slots are a treat because of the fun graphics and sounds. There is no limit to the innovative ideas that the slot producers come up with. You can enjoy interesting themes with matching sounds, and as long as you have a regular computer screen, you will get very crisp graphics in most online casinos. If you like video slots without sounds this is easily arranged in the modern online slots casinos but most players enjoy the effects which brings a lot of excitement to the gaming.