Poker History

Poker History

There are various different theories regarding the history of poker however, it is widely agreed that this is an attractive and popular form of entertainment.


The exciting game of poker that combines the elements of gambling and bluffing is believed to be a very old game. Although it is difficult to place the precise origins of the game of poker, it seems to have evolved out of different games.

Origins of Poker

There are different trains of thought regarding the roots of the poker game. One theory claims that a form of poker was first played in China in 900 AD. Another theory lies in the pursuit of Primero, a card game played in Spain during the sixteenth century. It should be noted that this game was played with three cards and involved some bluffing on the part of the players. It is interesting to note that this form of entertainment has been associated with the name poker’s Mother that implies the similarity with poker and possible connection as an ancestor.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, the pursuit ‘poque’ in France and ‘pochen’ in Germany became widespread and well-liked. It is believed that the games both evolved from the Spanish ‘primero’ bluffing game.

It is also difficult to discuss the history of poker without a mention for the English game of brag. A bluffing factor was also a part of the brag game and it may have also had something to contribute to the history and development of the poker game.

Poker and Society

Whatever the exact history of the poker game may be, it cannot be denied that this has become a very popular pursuit in many places around the world. A fine example of poker’s popularity and perhaps the game’s significance in society lies in poker’s many appearances on film. Poker has been featured in several movies such as ‘The Sting’, ‘The Cincinnati Kid’ and ‘Rounders’, among many others.

The impact that poker has made on society over the years can also be demonstrated by the use of certain expressions that have been extracted from the poker game. As an example, there are some poker terms that have turned into a part of everyday language, such as to call one’s bluff and poker face. It is interesting to note that these expressions are often used in a context that is totally irrelevant to poker.

Technology in Poker’s History

The introduction of video poker in the 1980s probably attracted attention both to the game of poker and to slot machine pursuits.

In the mid 1990s, with the launch of best online casinos to the Internet, poker was introduced in an online form. During the following years, various adaptations and variations of poker were created and offered at the best online casinos. The range of different types of poker includes, Pai Gow poker, three card poker and the popular Texas Hold’em poker.

Nowadays, poker is considered to be one of the top and favorite forms of entertainment in the casino. Today, many types and variations of poker are available, including the very popular poker tournaments that seem to have taken the poker world by storm.
(Note; Online Gambling is illegal in the US)