Bingo Rules

Bingo Rules

Bingo online has made this classic game popular with a wide spectra of players. Bingo is no longer a grand-ma’s game and special versions have been developed to give the game a new and exciting feeling. It is not difficult to understand bingo rules but you should always make sure to be aware of them before you enter a game so that you are not missing out on a great prize. Part of bingo rules is also how you should behave in the chat room since this is an essential part of online bingo.

American Bingo
When you see 75-ball bingo offered this means that the game is played with the classical bingo card with 25 spaces and the word B-I-N-G-O written on top of it. The game is played with 75 balls numbered from 1 to 75. To play you simply buy the amount of cards you want and are allowed to play with and then you sit down to mark the numbers being called. Playing online allows you to keep better track of your games by automatic daubing. (Note; Online Gambling is illegal in the US).

British Bingo
British bingo works pretty much like the American version but it comes with 90 balls numbered from 1 to 90. This is why it is usually called 90-ball bingo. The bingo card has three rows and nine columns which also influences what kind of patterns you can make. When you play online you will most likely have the option of both this and American bingo so it is easy to try which one you like the most.

Special Patterns
Some bingo games will require you to fill out a specific pattern. It could be a creative shape or a picture like an animal or object. These games can be tricky since you might hear numbers called that are indeed on your card but not as part of the pattern. You need to be alert and not mark off numbers that are not part of the pattern as this could cost you the game.

To win a jackpot you need to complete more difficult patterns. It could be a complete card checked off or a complicated pattern. Playing bingo with a jackpot is a lot of fun but make sure that you meet all the requirements to win. If there is an extra fee to compete for the jackpot you need to remember to pay it before the game starts up.

Chat Room Rules
The social aspect of bingo is preserved online through communities and chat rooms. In the chat room you can connect with other players and also enjoy extra chat room games. It should be obvious that it is not allowed to use bad language in a chat room but many players lose their good senses when they are competing. The other players are in the same games as you and therefore it is only right that you congratulate a winner like a good sport should. If a player behaves badly in the bingo chat he could get banned from the bingo room for ever.