75 Ball Bingo75 Ball Bingo
To the Canadian player, 75 ball bingo is the real bingo. There are also many other places in the world where this is considered the classical bingo game. The layout of the 75 ball bingo card makes it possible to play with many different kinds of patterns. When you play this game you should remember to get to know your opponents and make them your friends in the chat room. When you score the game… Read More

80 Ball Bingo80 Ball Bingo
80 ball bingo has been introduced to fill in the gap between 75 and 90 ball bingo. To some 75 balls aren’t enough and others feel that 90 is simply too much. 80 ball bingo solves this problem and delivers special excitement that is unique for this version of bingo. Like the other variants of bingo games you can play this one for free or for money. When you mix in the real money you have the chance… Read More

90 Ball Bingo90 Ball Bingo
In the UK and many European countries, 90 ball bingo is considered the standard version of bingo. While the basic concept of bingo is the same in 90 ball bingo as in other versions it looks a bit different. First of all you are playing with different cards and this leads to different patterns. Some find 90 ball bingo to be a bit annoying and even boring but lately this game is becoming more and more popular… Read More

Deal or No Deal BingoDeal or No Deal Bingo
Deal or no deal bingo is extremely easy to play and it comes with huge jackpots for you to win. The theme is based on the game show with the very same name. When you play this game online you have much better chances to actually win than you would have getting a spot on the game show. The bonus games are very creative and make the player involved in the games. They add to the… Read More

Eliminationn BingoElimination Bingo
Regular bingo is a lot of fun and most players agree that it is a game that stays interesting hour after hour. Still, bingo with some kind of twist is a nice break from the original style of the game and this is what you will find with elimination bingo. In elimination bingo you don’t want bingo. If you get bingo you are out of the game! This is a lot of fun and there are plenty of cool effects to make… Read More

Price is Right BingoPrice is Right Bingo
Price is right bingo is one of the newer shapes of this classical game in online casinos. This game is special in that it brings together the fun of playing with the fun of winning in a unique way. When you play price is right bingo you get much more gaming than you would during the same time in a regular game. Bingo is no longer exclusively a game for old ladies and this type of bingo makes… Read More

Fruit Machince SlotsFruit Machine Slots
When the British casino player wants to try out his luck by the reels he refers to it as a fruit machine slot. This game which is also called One Armed Bandit or simply slot machine is loved all over the world. The beauty of fruit machine slots is that you need no skills at all to succeed. With some good money management you can make this game into a very good hobby which could also make… Read More

American RouletteAmerican Roulette
Roulette often gets to stand as the symbol for all casino gaming. This game is solely based on luck which makes it very easy to play. American* roulette isn’t the most popular version of the game but thanks to online gaming it is gaining in popularity. A new player to roulette should take the time to learn about the game and bets before playing with real money. A good idea is always to use free… Read More

European RouletteEuropean Roulette
Most roulette strategy will tell you that you should always choose European roulette. This is because of the slightly better player odds that this version of roulette offers. If you play roulette online you can easily try which version you like the best. Through free games you don’t even have to risk your bankroll when you learn the rules. Once you make real money bets you could end up winning a nice prize… Read More

Roulette Betting StrategyRoulette Betting Strategy
Roulette is not a game that demands skill and therefore one cannot really talk about any serious strategy for sure winning. Luck will determine whether your bet makes you a winner or not. Therefore roulette strategy is not really so much about the bets as it is about all of the decisions you make around them. A smart player can make his bankroll last longer by choosing a casino that rewards… Read More

Slot Machine TypesSlot Machine Types
The original concept of the slot machine has remained the same since it was invented a century ago. Still, it is doubtful that an avid slot machine player from the early 1900s would recognize his favorite game in an online casino today. Slots only became more and more fun to play. This is thanks to all of the creative features that are being added to the extremely popular game. It could actually… Read More

3 Reel Slots3 Reel Slots
A slot called a 3 reel slot is really not all that different from other slot machines. The name informs you of the amount of reels, 3, but all other features are individual and can be very similar to what you would find on a slot with more reels. To choose the right 3 reel slot for you it is wise to consider a few important things. Is the slot machine tied to a progressive jackpot? Do you like the theme… Read More

5 Reel Slots5 Reel Slots
When you play slots online you will most likely play on a 5 reel slot machine. It is called 5 reel because it has 5 wheels in a row that you spin by a press on a button. Picking a 5 reel slot to play on can be a challenge. Every serious online casino has a long list of slots and new exciting themes are constantly added to the collection. Even if you feel that 3 reel slots are enough for you to keep… Read More

7 Reel Slots7 Reel Slots
The development of online games has given all slots fans machines that are both much more fun to play and more lucrative. The 7 reel slots can be real winning machines but most of all they are very entertaining. If you find the 5 reel slot a bit confusing the 7 reel slots are not for you. Like all other slots the 7 reel slots rely on good themes and high payouts to attract many players but not everyone like to have… Read More

Bingo SlotsBingo Slots
The bingo slot includes these two very popular games but looks and works mostly like a slot machine. If you like bingo it is not for sure that you will like bingo slots. If you are a slot machine enthusiast you will most likely enjoy these types of games since they bring a fresh flavor into the world of slots. Playing on bingo slots is very easy and this makes them a great game for any time even as you are… Read More

Progressive SlotsProgressive Slots
There are a few world famous progressive slots that you can find in casinos online. Some of them have managed to make players millionaires more than once. The popularity of a game increases the amount that you can win on it but it also makes it harder to actually emerge the winner. It is a lot of fun to play for big sized prizes but it is important to remember that a slot machine is a game of luck… Read More

Traditional SlotsTraditional Slots
The slot machine has been around for a long time and the idea of what constitutes traditional slots depends on who and where you are. The game with the wheel has gone through many changes through the years but certain things haven’t changed a bit. One of these important features of this popular game is the very basic concept of matching the symbols on the reels to win money. The excitement… Read More

Video SlotsVideo Slots
Any good online casino should have at least a few video slots. The video slot was originally the more computerized slot machine that you would find in a land based casino. As slots became the rave online, the name stayed with the game although one could hardly call this a video game anymore. Some video slots keep the graphical layout of the land based version but the online games… Read More

SuperGems BingoSuperGems Bingo
SuperGems is one of the fun side games that you can find in bingo halls online. This game is very simple to learn and it is a perfect match to regular bingo. You do need luck in order to succeed but the better you get at matching the gems, the better your results will become. You could also win a lot of money on the SuperGems bingo game. If you play for a progressive jackpot this game… Read More

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