Casino History

baccarat historyBaccarat History
From the focus of a medieval myth to fame in James Bond feature films, the game of baccarat has a rich and colorful history.
Medieval Baccarat Roots
Although, as is the case with many casino games, the actual roots and history of baccarat is rather unclear, it is generally believed that this is a very old game and may have been created in medieval times. Perhaps the most… Read More

bingo historyBingo History
Bingo’s Italian Ancestry
It is widely believed that the roots of bingo lie in Italy in a game called lotto. The first signs of bingo are in a lottery game that was played in Italy in 1530. This lottery game was named ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’ and is still played in Italy on Saturdays. From its Italian beginnings, the game spread to France France towards the end of the 1770s… Read More

blackjack historyBlackjack History
The game of blackjack has an interesting history and has become many people’s favorite casino pursuit.
Although many of the top casino pursuits have their own little story or legend, for some of these games it is hard to be certain about the origins of the game. Precise details of the history of blackjack are rather unclear… Read More

craps historyCraps History
The craps game has rather a disputed history, but it is generally agreed that this is a very old game.
Craps History Overview
In keeping with the history and the individual stories for many of the top casino games, it is difficult to place the exact roots of the game of craps. However, it should be noted that craps is widely considered to be a very old even ancient… Read More

keno historyKeno History
The keno game has a fascinating history that lies in ancient China.
Overview of Keno
Keno is a type of lottery game with a rich and interesting history. The roots of keno lie in ancient China where it is believed to have been invented by a leader Cheung Leung, who desperately searched for a way to produce funds for a weak and disillusioned army… Read More

poker historyPoker History
There are various different theories regarding the history of poker however, it is widely agreed that this is an attractive and popular form of entertainment.
The exciting game of poker that combines the elements of gambling and bluffing is believed to be a very old game. Although it is difficult to place the precise origins of the game of poker, it… Read More

rummy historyRummy History
Rummy has a disputed history that ranges from theories based in different countries from Spain to China.
Overview of Rummy
Rummy is a popular pursuit that is played in different versions in many places around the world. This is a card game involving the elements of discarding and drawing. There appear to be several different theories and beliefs regarding the… Read More

slots historySlots History
The slot machine has a rich history and has developed from a heavy slot machine into an attractive versatile online slot.
Overview of Slots
Based on a simple idea, the slot machine has been present in society for years and constitutes a major part of the casino’s gaming floor. Whether referred to as a one arm bandit or a penny machine or a simple slot, the slot machine… Read More

videopoker historyVideo Poker History
Video poker is a fun and exciting casino pursuit with a comparatively short history.
Overview of Video Poker
It should probably first be noted that video poker could be explained as a combination of traditional poker and a slot machine pursuit. This pursuit successfully merges the elements of luck and skill. Video poker has a fairly recent history, especially in comparison to some… Read More

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