Bingo Lingo

Bingo Lingo

If you are going to play online bingo, it is very important that you understand the lingo (the language or jargon). If you do not, you will end up very confused. Not knowing some of the most commonly used terms can cause great confusion will likely frustrate you. The game of bingo is like most other games and “societies.” It has its own culture and you will need to be familiar with it, if you want to feel totally comfortable. While getting everything down can be difficult at first, if a person spends enough time playing, they will eventually begin to understand. Below, we will discuss and decode some of the common bingo jargon that is thrown back and forth between players. We will begin with numbers.

1 Kelly’s eye
2 One little duck
3 You and me
4 Knock at the door
5 Man alive
6 Tom nix
7. Lucky seven
8 One fat lady
9 Doctor’s orders
10 Gordon’s ten
11 Legs 11
12 Monkey’s cousin
13 Unlucky for some
14 Valentine’s day
15 Rugby team
16 Sweet 16
17 Dancing queen
18 Key of the door
19 Goodbye teens
20 Getting plenty

Because the numbers go past 20, this is only a partial list. If you are interested in learning the rest, do an online search. Google, Yahoo and MSN are great places to start.

Other important words or terms that you will need to know include ‘admission packet’. This is the least amount of cards that you will have to purchase in order to play. ‘Blackout’ is a particular game that requires that every square be marked off. ‘Being Ready’ refers to when an individual only has one set in order to complete their bingo pattern. The ‘caller’ is the person who calls out the numbers. The ‘dauber’ is a pen that is used especially for marking up your bingo card. Obviously, if you’re playing online, this will not necessary. However, if you’re going to play at a land based bingo hall or game, and you don’t have one, you will typically be able to purchase one wherever you are playing.

The ‘flash board’ is a sign that you will generally find at a bingo hall. It will display the sets. The ‘hall manager’ is the person actually on the floor making sure that the bingo game is running smoothly. The ‘pattern’ is what you will need to win. This will differ based on each game. ‘Speed bingo’ is a form of bingo that follows the typical rules. It is just played a lot faster.

It is very important to understand and know these terms so that you are able to follow along. Though the game itself is very simple and is often played by young persons and even kids, once you start playing on the competitive level and for money, you will notice that there is the difference in linguistics and it can be very confusing for persons who are not familiar with the terminology. It is a good idea to spend some time learning what the common terms mean so that you are comfortable while playing. Obviously, you will get better and become more knowledgeable the more that you play and participate in games.