SuperGems Bingo

SuperGems Bingo

SuperGems is one of the fun side games that you can find in bingo halls online. This game is very simple to learn and it is a perfect match to regular bingo. You do need luck in order to succeed but the better you get at matching the gems, the better your results will become. You could also win a lot of money on the SuperGems bingo game. If you play for a progressive jackpot this game could be as lucrative as any other major casino game.

The Puzzle Game
If you are familiar with the classical game Jewelbox you will have no trouble understanding how to play SuperGems. The object of the game is to match gems just like puzzle pieces. Three in a row vertically or horizontally is a match and scores you points. When you get a match of gems they will also dissolve and leave room for the next row. The more matches you make the more space you will have to make even more matches. Unlike Jewelbox this game is also time based. You will only have a few minutes to make the most of the gems.

Winning a Jackpot
You can win a prize in this game if you make it to first, second or third place. There is also a possibility to win a lot of points if you match three wild symbols, the red chest. The treasure chest is what can win you a progressive jackpot and you need to match three to win the big prize money. The SuperGems bingo game is the best when you play it for money but there are also free versions. A good idea is to start playing the game for free and advance to real bets when you feel that you understand all of the special features well.

Special Features
As you play SuperGems a lot, you will begin to see the possible puzzle combinations faster and faster. To your aid you get a flashing gem on the board which shows you a possible move. It is the player with the highest score that will win the game so you need to look out for special features that can give you more points. One such thing is to play with prize points. When you use the prize points your winning score will be multiplied 10 times which could make the difference and let you take first place.

Where to Play It
You should be able to find the fun SuperGems bingo game in many bingo halls online. Even if your main target is original bingo games the importance of the side games is not to neglect. SuperGems is truly the perfect side game in that it is played out so fast and still lets you win a lot of money. If you are just about to pick a new bingo room to play with you should check if they have this game. The only thing you should be aware of when playing SuperGems is that it gets addictive and too many games could make you dream of the gem combinations at night.