Casinos with Great Loyalty Bonuses

Casinos with Great Loyalty Bonuses

A lot of focus in an online casino review is put on the promotions offered to new players. The truth is that you are only a new comer till those first few deposits have been made and after this you will need more offers to enhance your gaming with. There are many ways that a casino can reward its loyal players. The VIP club is the most common but special prizes and competitions are also a way to let you feel appreciated. Before you join a new casino it is crucial that you find out how they take care of players that choose to stay for more than a few games.

VIP Clubs
The VIP club is made for all players that join a casino and stay well after their first deposit. Most casinos will enter you in the club automatically and you start reaping its benefits without having to make a request. There are also certain gaming sites that want you to ask for membership or wait till you have wagered a set amount. Since this can vary so much you should make sure to find out what the rules for membership in the VIP club are. This way you won’t miss out on any compensation or reward that you deserve from your loyal gaming.

Points Compensation
Casinos with great loyalty bonuses will make sure that every game that you play is noticed. Through comp points you get bonuses for every game you play. Comp programs can look different depending on the casino but the most common is that the points can be traded for more games. If you can trade your points for cash it will take more wagering since this will cost the casino more. There can also be differences between different games in how many points you will get for your bets.

Extra Cash to Play For
To some, trading points for more gaming might sound boring but the fact is that this is a great boost to your general gaming experience. If you’ve thought about trying a new game but you didn’t feel like it because of the cost involved, the loyalty bonus will let you play what you want more freely. Extra cash to play for is an important tool to create a great environment for loyal players.

Special Prizes
It happens in many casinos that loyal players are offered prizes that are not cash but rather things or events. If you like poker and think you are better than the average player you could benefit greatly from playing with a casino that rewards the regular players with seats in the big tournaments. It could also be a lot of fun to win a trip like a Caribbean cruise where you get to enjoy your gaming in an exotic milieu.

When you stay around in a casino you need to make sure to get updates on the offers that you deserve. For this purpose you should say yes when the casino asks if you want to get their newsletter on a regular basis. This will keep you in touch with the casino and the exciting competitions and prizes that are available to you, the loyal player.