Roulette Betting Strategy

Roulette Betting Strategy

Roulette is not a game that demands skill and therefore one cannot really talk about any serious strategy for sure winning. Luck will determine whether your bet makes you a winner or not. Therefore roulette strategy is not really so much about the bets as it is about all of the decisions you make around them. A smart player can make his bankroll last longer by choosing a casino that rewards him the best and offers the best odds. By understanding how the bets work you can also have better control over you games which is important for the general gaming experience as well as the specific results of your games.

The Bets
You have two types of bets to choose from and they are outside bets or inside bets. The inside bets are the regular numbers on the wheel, one by one. If you play a game with the rule called the en prison rule you could get half the even-money bet back if the ball lands on a zero. You could also choose to leave the bet and let it stay on the table for one more round. The outside bets focus on color, even or odd and sets of numbers. If you like to take the chance and win greater amounts good roulette betting strategy is to take on an outside bet. These bets win less frequently but when they do the payout is better.

Betting Systems
There are betting systems for roulette but it is very doubtful that they work. A systematic approach to the betting demands that the results have some type of frequency and regularity. This is not the case in roulette. Random number generators make sure that the results are completely random so you could have black after black or the same number showing up several times in a row. If you play with a betting system you should only do so because it is fun to make a routine in your roulette gaming.

Pick the Right Game
European roulette is advised as the best choice since it comes with only one zero and thereby gives the player better odds than the American version. If you aren’t sure which game to play you should make sure to read reviews and ask other players why they play certain roulette games and not others. Make sure that the casino you play in, is safe and fair and you can also ask the casino which game they recommend for the best odds and most lucrative prize sums.

Make the Most of your Money
Part of proper roulette strategy is good management of your bankroll. It doesn’t cost a lot to play roulette but if you play a lot you could lose track of how much you bet and how much you win. Some days are better than others and if you feel that you are losing game after game you should probably take a break and come back later. It is crucial to know when to quit and save the money for better days.