Baccarat Rules
baccarat rulesBecause of the intricate rules of baccarat many refrain from trying this game out. This is a shame since everyone can learn the basic rules quite quickly. It is true that the game can seem a bit complicated in the beginning but it won’t take long till you get a hang of it. It is possible to play baccarat both online and in land-based casinos. Small variations to the baccarat rules do exist but in most cases you will find the same set-up of the game…. Read More

Bingo Rules
bingo rulesBingo online has made this classic game popular with a wide spectra of players. Bingo is no longer a grand-ma’s game and special versions have been developed to give the game a new and exciting feeling. It is not difficult to understand bingo rules but you should always make sure to be aware of them before you enter a game so that you are not missing out on a great prize. Part of bingo rules is also how you should behave in the chat room…. Read More

Blackjack Rules
blackjack rulesTo many, blackjack seems to be a game for the super smart players that understand how to play each hand in any given situation. It is true that you need to play the game a lot to become good but the basic blackjack rules are simple to understand. As long as you understand what choices you and the dealer need need to make and how the cards are valued you’ll be able to get to work and practice your blackjack. Blackjack is also called 21… Read More

Craps Rules
craps rulesIn the traditional land-based casino craps is a game with a lot of heat. People gathered around the table usually get excited and shout while arms are flying in all directions. Someone new to craps might be reluctant to learn the game in such a setting. Online craps is great for both beginners and pros. The rules are basically the same and here you can read about the most important features of craps. In craps you are betting on numbers and… Read More

Keno Rules
keno rulesKeno is a lottery game similar to bingo that anyone can learn. The game doesn’t have to cost a lot if you stick to the most basic tickets. However, you should be aware that you’ll love keno and you might find it easy to stop playing. If you want to save your money and still enjoy the game you should try a free version. Hopefully you will win enough to break even or more in the regular keno games. Here you can read how the basic keno rules… Read More

Poker Rules
poker rulesThere are many forms of poker available in online casinos and poker rooms. Still, the original game of poker remains the same and you will find that the differences between the variants are small. If you are completely new to poker it could be a good idea to start with video poker where you won’t have to consider any other players around the table. Once you get the hang of hand ranking and poker odds you will do just fine by the… Read More

Rummy Rules
rummy rulesRummy is a very popular card game and is known by a number of names. Sometimes it is called Rummy 500 or simply 500 and it can be enjoyed both online, in land-based casinos or around your kitchen table. To learn how to play the game is easy and you will soon catch up on the basic rummy rules . There are smaller variations to the game depending on where you play it and if jokers are included. You should, of course, always make sure…Read More

Slots Rules
slots rulesSlots rules are very easy to understand and they are pretty much the same no matter what machine you are playing on. Most people know how the slots in a land-based casino work and therefore the online version has been modeled to look just like a regular video slot. It is recommended to play slots online This will let you try many more features than what is usually found in a regular casino slot. You pick the slot of your choice and the very … Read More

Video Poker Rules
video poker rulesVideo poker used to be a game for young guys that didn’t have anything better to do than hold up the video poker machine for everyone else for hours. Since online casinos are a fact anyone can play this great game and there are no lines! If you already know how to play poker you have come a long way way in understanding video poker rules. Any beginner player should take advantage of the option of playing video poker… Read More

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