Slots History

Slots History

The slot machine has a rich history and has developed from a heavy slot machine into an attractive versatile online slot.

Overview of Slots

Based on a simple idea, the slot machine has been present in society for years and constitutes a major part of the casino’s gaming floor. Whether referred to as a one arm bandit or a penny machine or a simple slot, the slot machine has a rich history. Today, slots offer an exciting form of entertainment that is popular in many different places around the globe and that can be played in several different ways. In addition, it should be noted that modern slots may be accessed simply and quickly at many online gaming locations.

Charles Fey and His Part in the History of Slots

The creation of the first slot machine in history is generally credited to Charles Fey in 1985 in San Francisco. In 1905, Charles Fey joined forces with the Mill Novelty Company and following this, came the invention of the famous Mills Liberty Bell. This was a very heavy, cast iron machine that was the first of many slot machines that would be created in the future. In these early days of the slot machines, the spinning reels featured symbols such as bells and horseshoes. These slots could be located in bars and prizes offered at the slot machines at these times included cigarettes and sweets.

Hard Times for the Slot Machines

Interest and popularity began to reel in until the beginning of the twentieth century when the slot machines faced strong opposition to gambling in various areas of the United States. In certain parts of the U.S., such as San Francisco and Nevada, slot machines were prohibited. (Note; All Online Gambling is illegal in the US)

The Age of the Electronic Slot

Refusing to be completely wiped out of existence, slot machines were transformed into an electronic machine in the 1960s. This change made it tougher for players to cheat at the slots and also it allowed slot machine owners to present larger prizes at the games. Adaptation and variation to the slots over the years can be demonstrated by the implementation of video slots in the 1970s that was followed by video poker in the 1980s.

Online Slots

Upon the introduction of best online casinos in the mid 1990s, it seemed only natural that the slots would become a part of this successful venture. Together with other top casino pursuits, slots became an important part of online gaming entertainment. Thanks to technological advances, the slots developed in various directions to provide an attractive and exciting form of entertainment. Today, in addition to classic slots at the best online casinos, players may enjoy thrilling progressive slots with the offer of massive prizes, multi-line and multi-spin pursuits in addition to interactive slots.

The modern slot machine game has evolved from a simple but successful idea that has lasted years and generations from a cast iron heavy one arm bandit to an online multi line pursuit with themes and storylines. Charles Fey would probably have been shocked, or perhaps excited if he were able to see to what extent the slot machine has developed.