Craps History

Craps History

The craps game has rather a disputed history, but it is generally agreed that this is a very old game.

Craps History Overview

In keeping with the history and the individual stories for many of the top casino games, it is difficult to place the exact roots of the game of craps. However, it should be noted that craps is widely considered to be a very old even ancient, pursuit. A glance at the craps game shows that this pursuit is based on the use of dice. Even if it appears unclear precisely when the seeds for the craps game were sewn, it is clear that dice are a very old invention and they have been traced back to ancient Egypt.

Version of Roman Origin for Craps

One train of thought regarding the history of craps leads researchers to Roman times. Stories tell of a form of entertainment among soldiers in the Roman army trying to kill time. The tales explain that this pursuit involved dice-like cubes that were created out of pig knucklebones. The soldiers occupied themselves by rolling these cubes into their shields and this is believed to be a possible beginning for the game of craps.

Craps and Hazard

As already mentioned, the origins of the craps game are sometimes disputed. There are those that believe that the craps pursuit evolved out of the hazard game. Hazard was a popular 12th century pursuit that was played in England with dice.

Possible Arabic Roots of Craps

Others believe that the real history of craps lies in the Arabic game of ‘Az-zahr’. It should be noted that the name of this pursuit means dice in Arabic. It is also believed by many that the English Hazard game was developed from the ‘Az-zahr’ pursuit.

History of Modern Craps

It is believed that a more modern form of craps was probably developed and redefined in the United States (Note; Online Gambling is illegal in the US). In the U.S., craps was transformed into the rowdy casino pursuit for which it has a reputation. It is quite well-known in craps game circles that anyone searching for a traditional craps game in a land-based casino, should look for the noisiest table in the place.

Online Craps as a Part of the Game’s History

The introduction of online craps to the Internet, created an attractive and convenient way to play the game with one major difference. Online craps entertainment has lower noise levels than at a brick and mortar casino. Players of online craps may enjoy all the fun of the craps game while leaving the noise and banter behind in the casino. It should be noted that the accessibility of the online craps game and of best online casinos in general, has probably attracted players who would otherwise never have had a chance to play the craps game.

With a reputation of being the loudest and rowdiest pursuit in the casino, craps has become a quieter form of amusement at the best online casino. The game of craps seems to have traveled a long way from its ancient beginnings. Today, in its online form, craps has become more accessible to many players around the globe.