Bingo Slots

Bingo Slots

The bingo slot includes these two very popular games but looks and works mostly like a slot machine. If you like bingo it is not for sure that you will like bingo slots. If you are a slot machine enthusiast you will most likely enjoy these types of games since they bring a fresh flavor into the world of slots. Playing on bingo slots is very easy and this makes them a great game for any time even as you are taking a break from your regular bingo game.

How to Play
To play bingo slots you need to make a bet. The bingo game will pick your bingo card for you and then the winning numbers will be drawn. This is exactly how slots work so in a sense the bingo slots are slots with bingo as a theme. There are variations of this game and you should always check what the rules are in the casino that you choose to play in. If they have a free version of the game you should try it a few times before you start inserting coins. It is best to deal with questions before you are actually risking your bankroll on the game.

A Legal Matter
One could wonder why the gaming developers would come out with a slot and name it bingo and there are many reasons to this. First of all the game is a lot of fun to play but secondly there are legal issues that are evaded this way. (Note; Online Gambling is illegal in the US)

Fast Games
The big difference between bingo and bingo slots lies within the speed of the game. When you play bingo slots you get the results immediately and you don’t have to follow each number as it is being called. You also don’t have all of the surrounding features of the regular bingo game such as chat. This is why some players find the bingo slots completely useless as they don’t deliver the unique social bingo feeling that a regular game would.

Is it Slots or Bingo?
So having said all of this one could ask if this isn’t really just a slot machine in disguise. The answer to that is yes and no depending on where you play. The bingo slot will have the important ingredients of the bingo card and the numbers being called out. You won’t daub the numbers yourself but that doesn’t make it less of bingo. Remember that many of the regular bingo games have the automatic daubing feature which brings the same kind of result only after a longer time. You will simply have to try this game to determine whether it is slots or bingo!