Deal or No Deal Bingo

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Deal or no deal bingo is extremely easy to play and it comes with huge jackpots for you to win. The theme is based on the game show with the very same name. When you play this game online you have much better chances to actually win than you would have getting a spot on the game show. The bonus games are very creative and make the player involved in the games. They add to the excitement of not knowing just how much you will win on deal or no deal bingo.

How to Play
The first thing you need to do is to decide how much you want to bet. There are 20 pay-lines and you can bet 1 coin per pay-line. The bets can be changed even as you are in the game by just clicking into the coin size menu. Once you have set your bets you get into the game and you’ll see the deal or no deal screen. To start the game you click play/spin and the game sets off. If you want to be eligible to the big jackpot you must make the maximum bet. The game is purely one of luck so all you need to do is familiarize yourself well with the settings and rules.

The Theme
It is when you win that you encounter the deal or no deal theme of the game. You can gamble with your winning and your options are to click deal or no deal. The banker gives you a deal that could be greater than your winnings but you could also lose. This is the excitement which makes this game so special. You will also enjoy the graphics and sound effects which further enhances the game to give you the best possible gaming experience.

Bonus Games
Three Mystery Boxes on any of the selected pay-lines takes you into a bonus game called the Mystery Box bonus game. This game has 15 boxes and your job is to pick the right ones. There are three empty ones and if you hit anyone of these the game is over. There is also one magical box which lets you win the total of the cash prizes that are hidden under the 11 winning boxes. The most exciting bonus game is the Deal or No Deal bonus game where you could end up winning the big jackpot. To win you have to make the maximum bet and manage to decline all of the banker’s offers all the way to the end.

Big Winnings
Throughout this game you need to decide, deal or no deal. When you take the deal you could win a nice cash prize but if you decline a much greater sum could await you at the end of the game. There could be a lot of money in deal or no deal bingo but only the bravest player will get to the big sums. There is really only one way for you to understand the charm of this game and that is to play it!