Slot Machine Types

Slot Machine Types

The original concept of the slot machine has remained the same since it was invented a century ago. Still, it is doubtful that an avid slot machine player from the early 1900s would recognize his favorite game in an online casino today. Slots only became more and more fun to play. This is thanks to all of the creative features that are being added to the extremely popular game. It could actually be a bit tricky to decide just which one to play on.

Reels and Paylines
The first thing that differs between various slot machine types is the amount of reels it comes with. A slot machine can have 3, 5 or more reels but the most popular variant online is arguably the one with 5. The more reels you play with the more winning combinations there are. The amount of paylines is also individual for each slot machine. Things that can influence the winning combinations are wilds, scatter symbols and other extras that give you more opportunities to win.

Bonus Games
It is almost difficult to find a slot machine without some kind of bonus game. Today most slot machine types are being developed with the knowledge that slot players love bonus rounds and extra spins. A bonus game can simply be a number of extra spins on the same machine. Sometimes the bonus game is a different type of game where you are taken to a different setting to try and win more money by guessing colors or hunting fish, star ships or whatever it might be.

Multipliers and Gamble Features
When you are playing a bonus game it can come with a multiplier. When the amount you win in the bonus game is clear you will also get this multiplied by the multiplier. Just how many times it will be multiplied depends on luck as this is drawn by the computer randomly in each and every round. At the end of the game some slot machine types will give you a chance to gamble all of your winnings and hopefully have it grow two or even three times.

Progressive Slots
A progressive slot is a machine that is tied to a progressive jackpot. This means that every bet you make on it will help build the common jackpot. There are several famous slot machines that have paid out huge amounts of money to one lucky winner. These slot machine types become very popular. Their popularity makes sure that players keep playing on them a lot with big jackpots as a result.

Innovative Games
Many slot machine types are pure entertainment centers. You will find stunning graphics and sound effects that match each individual theme. There are even slot machines that come with story lines. As you play the slot you unlock the story which is told by animations. This is just one example of the creativity of slots that you can find online. New ideas are constantly developed and slot players have many new and interesting games to look forward to both in the near and distant future.