Slots Rules

Slots Rules

Slots rules are very easy to understand and they are pretty much the same no matter what machine you are playing on. Most people know how the slots in a land-based casino work and therefore the online version has been modeled to look just like a regular video slot. It is recommended to play slots online. This will let you try many more features than what is usually found in a regular casino slot.

How to Play
You pick the slot of your choice and the very first thing you should do is to look at the slots rules that come with the specific machine. Once you know what is included in the game you choose what bet you want to make and then start up the reels. The reels usually stop by themselves but in rare cases you could have the option of pushing a button to stop the spinning. When the reels come to a halt you look at the pictures and symbols on each reel and hopefully you have a combination that will let you win money or extra rounds.

Each slot machine has a set amount of paylines. You will usually see them presented on the right side of the machine. A payline can be anything from three of the same symbol in a row to a full match over the reels. Each payline will give you a certain win and the hardest ones are the best paying.

Bonus Games
If you play a slot machine with bonus games you need to learn what combinations will trigger the bonus game. The bonus game can simply be extra spins on the same reels or a different type of game baked into the slot. You could be asked to click on symbols to discover what prize is hidden behind them. Sometimes the extra spins will also lead to bonus games which could let you be busy on the same slot for a very long time.

In the bonus game you sometimes find a multiplier. This is a feature that will multiply the amount you won. A slot machine could let you multiply more than 5 times your bankroll. It is all up to chance what the multiplier will give you. Playing with multiplier is always a good idea since it will never to any damage to your total sum won but rather the opposite. The difference is if you choose to make a gamble with your final winning. If the slot has a gamble feature at the end of the game you should consider that you might loose a good sum of money by using it.

Playing for a Jackpot
People do become millionaires on slot machines and every now and then a huge jackpot is paid out. If you want to play for a progressive jackpot you need to learn the specific slot rules for being eligible to the prize. You have to bet the highest bet possible to win but every bet you make will help build on the jackpot. The regular jackpots are usually less complicated to hit but then you won’t have the same excitement of a prize sum that keeps on growing by the minute.