5 Reel Slots

5 Reel Slots

When you play slots online you will most likely play on a 5 reel slot machine. It is called 5 reel because it has 5 wheels in a row that you spin by a press on a button. Picking a 5 reel slot to play on can be a challenge. Every serious online casino has a long list of slots and new exciting themes are constantly added to the collection. Even if you feel that 3 reel slots are enough for you to keep satisfied you should consider trying to play with more reels. The winning combinations are more and this makes it a lot of fun and also gives you longer gaming sessions.

Playing with 5 Reels
Before you start playing on 5 reel slots you need to understand how they work. The basics are always the same. You make a bet and let the wheels spin but after this, things can be very different depending on what game you are playing. You need to get winning combinations over the 5 reels and this is easier said than done. Some machines come with a lot of winning combinations but they could be very difficult to hit. Try to play 5 reel slots with many bonus games and extra spin features so that you have more opportunities to create the winning combos.

Pick a fun Theme
An important part of successful 5 reel slots gaming is what the theme of the slot is. All of the symbols on the reels will relate to the theme and the sound effects will also be connected to this. If you like sports you should try to find a good 5 reel slot with a nice sport theme. This will also be important in the bonus games where you might find a fun and special sport game that will let you raise your total winnings. Many 5 reel slots are pure fantasy themed and this is something that fits most players.

Progressive Games
The 5 reel slots that come with set jackpots can be very lucrative and you don’t have to feel stressed about someone else winning the big prize. When you play on a progressive 5 reel slot you will be able to win more money but you will also have to share this chance with many other players around the whole world. Play 5 reel slots with a progressive jackpot for the fun of it and don’t get bummed about not winning the millions.

Play with a Bonus
When you start playing in a new casino you should take advantage of the welcome bonus and make sure that it is applicable on the 5 reel slots. Since slot gaming is so cheap you could get many more spins even by a modest bonus. You should also try to join a slot casino that gives more bonuses to the loyal players. Things like comp points and VIP programs can give you more games and hopefully also bigger winnings. Some slot casinos will also give you a bonus on every deposit you make through selected deposit methods.